Website Design Road Map

1. Consultation

Hi! So nice to meet you! The first step is to discuss your project and work out which of our services suits your needs best. Once you have decided on a package, we can get you on-boarded!

2. On-Boarding


We’ll send you a Letter of Agreement (LOA) outlining our terms, timeline and what we’ll deliver, along with an invoice for 80% of the total project. Once you have signed and returned the LOA and paid your invoice, we’ll schedule your project!


Now for your homework -- groan! As overwhelming as this step may seem, it is super important. The more info we collect from you now, the better equipped we are to deliver you a website that is exactly what you are looking for.

  • We’ll send you a questionnaire, which captures all the info we need to build you an amazing site.

  • If you don’t have a Brand Style Guide, we’ll need to create one so that we’re all on the same page about the right look and feel for the site

  • You’ll buy your domain (if you don’t have one already!) and send us through the login details. We recommend using GoDaddy if you need to purchase your domain

  • You’ll set up an account with and send us through the login details -- but no peeking till we say!!

  • If you’d like Google Analytics linked to your site, we’ll get you to set up an account or send us your current tracking code if you already have one.

3. Gathering Content

We need ALL of your content before we can get started on the site. This includes images and copy. We are more than happy to source images for you if you need them.

Once we receive your questionnaire, we'll create a Google Drive folder for you, and within this drive a Google Doc for every page in your navigation plus a folder for your images. This is where you'll paste or write all copy for your site and drop your images. Images need to be in JPEG or PNG format.

4. Brand Style Guide

We’ll put together a Brand Style Guide pdf document for you, which is a summary document of all the fonts, colours, and image inspirations we’ll use to style your site.

5. Design Phase


We’ll put together a sitemap, using your questionnaire and content as a guideline, and send through for your approval.


We’ll get you to login to Squarespace and get you to connect all of your required social media accounts.


This is where we get busy! We’ll work our little butts off getting the structure of the site set up and importing all of your content.  


We’ll invite you to take your first peek at the site! We ask that you spend a good amount of time going through the whole site checking everything. This is your opportunity to request major revisions, if necessary. We’ll get you to consolidate all your feedback to us in detailed bullet points by email, or we can jump on a call to discuss any questions you might have.


We’ll go in and make revisions to capture all of your requested minor edits. This usually takes us two rounds of editing and proofing.


Here is your final look at the site before we go live! This is your last chance to make any minor adjustments before the site goes live. We’ll get you to check your site thoroughly on both desktop and mobile, and make sure everything has been included, all links are working and everything is looking amazing!

6. Go Live!


We’ll send through the final 20% for payment. Once this is received it’s time to….


We’ll set your site live for you!! Now it’s time to pop the champagne to celebrate all of your hard work!

7. Training and The Future

We’ll send you a customised video tutorial walking you how to maintain and update your site going forward, as well as a handy document full of Squarespace tips and tricks! Of course, if you have questions going forward, we’re always here to answer them, and can help you make changes and edits to your site on the basis of an hourly rate, if you’d prefer not to do it yourself or are short of time.