The Three C’s of loveable branding

The secret to creating a brand your customers will love

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Ever wondered what separates a so-so brand from an oh-so-irresistible one?

At Delilah Creative, we specialise in awesome design and kick-ass digital experiences that grow your business.

Which means (slight to moderate humble bragging here) we know what it takes to create a loveable brand. In fact, it’s what we do each and every day.

The good news? From our experience working with successful businesses in Singapore and across the globe, we know that most, if not all, loveable branding has three things in common.

Three things that you can easily replicate in your business.

Ready to find out what they are?

Grab a cuppa and get comfortable as we walk through them one by one.

The three c’s of loveable branding


01 / Connection

One of the first things we do when we begin creating a visual brand identity for our clients is to think carefully about their target market.

Your target market is the group of people that your offering is relevant to and for. They’re also the specific audience that you want to attract.

Loveable branding makes its target customers feel special and understood by harnessing research and insights to cultivate a brand that attracts and appeals specifically to them.

From your visual identity through to your brand personality and communication, loveable branding will ensure that your customers feel a sense of effortless connection with you.

Pro tip: Take the time to research and get to know your target audience. This is one of the best foundations you can lay for your business because it will guide you in branding, communication, marketing and even product creation. Your customers are your business. So make sure you know them.

02 / Creativity

The problem with following trends is that, just like fashion, they inevitably go out of style.

Which is why we always recommend that you ignore what everyone else is doing and instead focus on curating a brand style that is original and authentic.

If this scares you, we understand. But don’t be afraid to be irreverent and different. It’s better than being boring and forgettable!

Sure, your creative branding might turn some people off, but those aren’t your people anyway. Your people will welcome – and adore! – your creativity.

Pro tip: Try to get creative with the elements of your process or service that others don’t bother with (like your invoices or on-boarding processes), as those are the touches that make clients more likely to recommend you to others. Keep in mind, it’s not only about the end product, but also their journey with you. So make every step count!

03 / Consistency

Now that you’ve built a creative brand that connects with your audience, it’s time for the final ‘c’ of loveable branding: consistency.

Being consistent with your branding means ensuring that you have the same visual identity and communication style across all platforms and mediums.

It means having clear processes and systems so that your customer’s experience and journey with you feels consistent and it means regularly checking in to ensure that the new content you’re creating is in line with your brand style and goals.

Remember too that having consistency when things go wrong is also super important. How will you handle issues when a client doesn’t like your work? Or if you make a mistake? Or if you need to process a return?

No one likes to consider these eventualities, but again, it’s part of what creates loyal clients and customers. Nobody will mind if you make mistakes, it’s how you fix them that counts.

Because loveable branding isn’t something you do once then forget about. Loveable branding is something that your business lives and breathes every day.

Pro tip: Set review points (we try to do this every six months but more realistically, given our workload, it’s probably once a year) to check where you can inject more fun and delight (or professionalism and excellence if that’s more your MO) throughout your branding, Whether it’s a personalised thank you note, a new kind of gift wrap for your products, or just updating the wording of your out of office email, there are so many ways for you to maintain that consistently loveable brand of yours.

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