The Menu Master: The secret tip to make your menu bar more user and SEO friendly

The quiet achiever of the website world, it’s easy to overlook your menu bar in favour of bigger, flashier website upgrades.

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Like overhauling your visual identity. Or crafting a content marketing calendar. Or investing in a custom photo shoot.

But the truth is that your unassuming menu bar can have a big impact on your web traffic (and your sales conversions too!)

Best of all? It costs absolutely nothing to optimise.

Here’s how.

The importance of a strategic menu bar

According to KoMarketing, 50% of visitors use the navigation menu to orient themselves on a website.

Which makes your menu bar like a map, at best, right?

Well, we think maps are pretty awesome (after all, they show you exactly how to get from where you are to where you want to be), but your menu bar is a beautiful little multi-tasker.

You see it’s not just a map for your visitors, it’s also a:

  • Source of information for Google and other search engines (which impacts your search rankings and web traffic).

  • Source of information for your audience (so they know what you offer.)

But not all menu bars are not made equal.

What does an effective menu bar look like?

An effective menu bar not only helps your audience navigate your site, but it also accurately describes what you do.

For example, a menu bar with the label ‘services’ or ‘products’ tells your audience – and search engines - that you have something to offer them … but it doesn’t tell them what.

The ‘what’ is the secret tip for menu bar effectiveness.

By changing your menu labels to reflect your offerings, for example swapping ‘services’ for ‘web design’ you will:

  • Make your site more search engine friendly.

  • Likely increase your search rankings for that term.

  • Communicate to your visitors exactly what you offer.

Which means you end up with a site that is SEO-friendly, communicates clearly and is easy to navigate.

Such a pretty trifecta!

Bonus tip: Offer more than one service/product? Give each offering its own page. This will enhance user experience and increase your SEO (without much effort and with zero expense!)

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