The Buy Guide: Branding & Live on Squarespace!

If you’re as addicted to online shopping as we are, you’ll LOVE The Buy Guide’s mission, which is to provide awesome and honest product recommendations that will change your life, one order at a time! The Buy Guide is run by a team of three awesome family members: Ashlee, Taylor and Lindley, who came to Delilah wanting the complete experience, so decided upon our Branding & Website service.

TBG - Portfolio Website-01.jpg

These ladies had a strong sense of what they wanted from their branding — modern, simple and neutral, as well as offering strong standout on social media. We love the logo design they settled on, which uses a really current, curvy serif font that feels really iconic.

TBG - Pinterest-03.jpg

From the initial starting point of the logo, we created a sub-logo or icon that could be used for their Instagram profile, as well as custom graphics for their Instagram Highlights. Everything came together in the gorgeous Style Guide that we created for them (above). Once we’d nailed the branding, it was time to move on to the website design!

TBG - Pinterest-01.jpg

When it came to their website, they really wanted to push Squarespace to the absolute maximum in terms of its capabilities, as they knew that technically and investment-wise, it wasn’t time for a custom Wordpress build just yet, but they had a wish-list that included customising the search order, a way of including affiliate links in a seamless way, and also of presenting their blog content and categories on their homepage. Thankfully we were able to make all of their dreams come true, and their new site is SOOO much more user-friendly than a Wordpress site would be for them!

We’re so thrilled with how this project turned out, and also that we now have an awesome new resource for our Christmas shopping! We might just slip a few of their recommendations onto our own must-have list too!