Squarespace SEO Academy: Chapter Four - Your Ultimate Squarespace SEO Checklist

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Worried you’ve forgotten to do #alloftheseothings?

We know getting a grip on your Squarespace SEO can feel overwhelming.

Which is why, no where you are at in your website journey, you can refer to this Squarespace SEO checklist and confirm you’re on track with your SEO!


Your Squarespace SEO checklist

Everything you need to do before, during and after you launch your Squarespace site.


Before you launch your Squarespace site:

  • Write your site title.

  • Create a site description.

  • Add your address.

  • Create and connect your custom domain.

  • Set up social sharing to connect your site with social media.

  • Populate your social sharing images.

  • Write unique SEO page descriptions for each page on your site.

  • Set your page and title formats.

  • Create a custom 404 error page.

  • Set your blog post URLs as your post titles.

  • Confirm URL slugs reflect page content (and use real words, not random characters).

  • Enable your SSL certificate.


When you launch your Squarespace site:


After you launch your Squarespace site:

  • Use your site’s analytics tools to track your results and search engine ranking.

  • Monitor Google Analytics.

  • Use Squarespace SEO best practices to continue optimising your site.

  • Fix broken links and redirects.

  • Continue blogging and updating your site.


Ready for more? 

In our next episode of Squarespace SEO Academy, we’ll share our SEO content best practices. 

Need a helpful video guide to the basics?
Check out our Squarespace SEO 101 tutorial, below!