Squarespace SEO Academy: Chapter Six - Why you should verify your site with Google

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What does it mean to verify your site with Google … and should you bother?

Today in Squarespace SEO Academy we’re chatting about Google verification: What it is and why you should care.

And the answer to both of those questions is a (slightly sassy), “Because Google.”

You see, when it comes to SEO heavyweights, Google is the reigning champion. What they think matters. What they think impacts how much traffic you get. What they think influences your online success.

So when they say, “Verify your site with us” you should probably pay attention.  

But – wait, what even is Google site verification?

Verifying your site with Google essentially means that you’re letting them know that you (a specific user) own your website (which they call a ‘property’).

It’s a pretty simple process that involves logging into your Google account and adding a property to your user profile.

You can learn more about verifying your site here.

Why it’s a good idea to verify your site with Google

So, why bother verifying your site? You know it’s yours. Why does anyone else need to?

Here are four great reasons to verify your site with Google:

  1. You’ll make it easier for Google to find and crawl your site (super important!)

  2. You’ll give your search presence a better chance of succeeding (and ranking highly).

  3. You’ll unlock the ability to customise how your site appears in search results (to increase your chances of conversions and clicks).

  4. You’ll gain access to Google’s Search Console data (a data goldmine!).

The last benefit is particularly awesome as it gives you the power to track and manage your analytics.

With this power, you can:

  • Find out where your visitors are located.

  • Discover how your visitors arrive on your site (i.e. what referral source they came from, for example Pinterest, organic search, Instagram, another website).

  • Learn the search terms visitors use to find you.

  • Monitor the average time spent on your site.

  • Identify your bounce rate (i.e. a stat that reflects the number of visitors that arrive on your site then immediately leave without clicking through to another page).

  • Track web traffic changes to monitor the success of current marketing, advertising and social media campaigns.

All of which are invaluable for creating a successful online business!

But what stops somebody from claiming your site as their own and getting access to those powerful analytics themselves?

Well, that’s exactly why Google has a process to verify that you’re the owner of the site you’re claiming to own!

And until a site has been verified, the Search Console tools are on lock down.

Genius, huh?

So go on, verify your site with Google, we know you want to …


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