Squarespace SEO Academy: Chapter two - Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Visibility


Four easy ways to further enhance search engine visibility for your Squarespace site


Ready to take your Squarespace SEO up a notch?

Let’s do it!

 Okay, so, in episode one of Squarespace SEO Academy, you learned how to use keywords to boost your search engine visibility.

In today’s episode, we’ll be walking you through four more bite-sized ways you can easily enhance your Squarespace site SEO.

Turn on the kettle and we’ll meet you there.  

#1: Use the ‘alt text’ field when uploading images

Okay, so you know the box you usually ignore when you’re uploading an image to Squarespace? The one labelled “File Name (Optional)”? Well, it’s actually kinda important.

Since search bots can’t see images (they can only read text), they use this file name to help figure out what your page is talking about and what searches they should include it in.  

And appearing in relevant searches means driving relevant traffic to your digital doorstep! Hurrah!

So go ahead and fill out that field with short, simple terms that describe the image and are relevant to your overall site content. For example, the image above in this post we have labeled as “Delilah-SEO-squarespace-academy-easy-ways-to-improve-google-ranking.jpg”.

#2: Create a blog

Here at Delilah Creative, we are HUGE fans of blogging. There are dozens – if not dozens upon dozens – of benefits to blogging as a biz, but for this series, the one you’re probably most interested in is this: Blogging can help boost your SEO!

Google likes websites with lots of page (lots of juicy information for its bots to trawl and digest!), and blogging helps you regularly and frequently update and add to your website pages.

So pop, ‘write a blog’ onto your to-do list and watch your web traffic rise!

#3: Organise your blog

Once you’ve written your Pulitzer-winning blog post (just kidding; don’t worry about being the perfect writer – just focus on quality content that helps your audience!), make sure you create tags and categories to describe what the post is about.  

Your post tags and categories help the little search bots classify your post and give you a better chance of appearing in relevant search results.

#4: Tell your audience where you are

Finally, if you’re a bricks-and-mortar biz (or simply have a physical location and want to target customers within your area), it’s a good idea to list your address on your site.

Four spots you can share your address are:

  • On your contact page

  • In your footer

  • In your about page

  • And in any map blocks

Make sure you have also gone to Settings/Business Information within your Squarespace Account, and filled in your location as well as your opening hours and contact details there. Even if you don’t have a physical address, you can still pop your country or city into this area and ensure the area you cover (if you’re a photographer or another locally-oriented business) is mentioned on your About Page and Contact Page.

Keep going – you’re on a roll!

In our next episode of Squarespace SEO Academy, we’ll be walking you through how to submit a sitemap to Google and get your Squarespace site verified. It’s easier than you think – trust us!

Want to watch a super-helpful step-by-step Squarespace SEO 101 Video? Click below and have our Founder, Hester, talk you through how to optimise your Squarespace website.