Sixteen 33 is Live on Squarespace

We loved working with Sixteen 33, a new blog from wellness expert and Crossfit Addict, Natasha Fox, based in Dubai. Natasha wanted a beautiful online home for her lifestyle content that would inspire her to get writing, as she found an ugly blog to be kind of a creativity killer (we get that!!).

We started by creating a brand identity for Sixteen 33, whose name is inspired by a favourite bible quote. We incorporated a cheeky little nod to Natasha’s last name in the logo and sub-logo, and then created a Style Guide incorporating a soft, clean, fresh colour palette, and developed a signature brand pattern. Side note — we LOVE developing patterns for up-and-coming brands, as the use of them across websites and printed collaterals just adds so much depth and texture.

Sixteen33 - Pinterest-03.jpg

Once the branding piece of the project was complete, it was time to move on to the Website Design. We always guide our clients step-by-step through the process of getting prepared for our website design service, as there’s a lot to think about, especially if it’s your first time creating a website for your brand or business! In this case, Natasha is just getting started on her blogging journey, so didn’t have a big backlog of blog posts to import from a previous site, so we worked with a lot of demo content to start off with, that Natasha could then edit or replace as she created her own.

We always begin by presenting the Homepage design to start off with, and then once we’ve nailed the design for that, we move on to the other pages. Because Natasha’s site’s purpose was its blog, we really built our whole design process around the blog for this project, incorporating a sidebar, and thinking carefully about how to lay out categories, as well as looking at how we could make it easier for Natasha to format her blog posts, especially for recipes which can be tricky to lay out nicely!

Sixteen33 - Pinterest-01.jpg

We love the final result, and hope that her beautiful new site design will inspire Natasha to inspire her audience with many more health and wellness tips to come! Congratulations Natasha!