Nine signs your business needs a rebrand


You’re a clever cookie. So you know the way to win your customer’s heart (and create a business that is effortlessly captivating) is to create a brand experience that makes your audience feel like you were made for them. #soulmates

From business card to logo, brochure to color palette, your visual brand tells your audience who you are, what you do and whether you’re their perfect match. It’s important. And if your brand is outdated, misaligned or ineffective, your business – and bottom line! – could suffer.

So … Is it time your beautiful business invested in a rebrand? Let’s find out. 

Have your offerings, services or target market changed since you branded your business?

A.    Yes

B.    No

Are your sales feeling a little sluggish?

A.    Uh-huh

B.    No

Are you attracting your dream clients?

A.    Definitely not

B.    I sure am!

Does your brand still reflect your business purpose and personality?

A.    No way

B.    For sure

Does your brand make you feel powerful and persuasive?

A.    No

B.    Yes

Do you feel proud when you hand over your business card and/or website?

A.    Sad face. No.

B.    Heck yes!

Does your brand help you stand out and get your biz seen?

A.    I’m invisible.

B.    I’m a superstar.

Would you like to increase your prices or attract higher-end customers?

A.    Ooh, yes!

B.    Nah, all good.

Does your brand make an emotional connection with your target market?

A.    Is “apathy” an emotion?

B.    Definitely


Mostly “A”: Your business is begging for a rebrand!

If your business could talk (and had legs), it’d be on its knees pleading for you to give it a makeover.

The good news? There’s HUGE potential for you to transform your business, elevate your income and attract your dream clients by focusing on brand clarity, purpose, alignment and style.

Not sure where to start? Grab The Master Plan: How to create a brand your dream clients will love.

Mostly “B”: You’re a brand boss.

You’ve done an awesome job of creating and building a brand that helps you attract and connect with your dream customers. Yay you!

While your brand is at its most potent, it would be an awesome time to focus on your website (and turning it into a conversion machine!)

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a guide to our homepage conversion secrets to turn eyeballs into dollar dollar bills.

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