How to cultivate a distinct and compelling brand personality

Your how-to guide for harnessing brand personality as a tool for unforgettable branding

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You can’t remember her name.

She’s standing there, smiling at you like you’re the best of friends and you can’t remember her name.

Your cheeks flush.

Was it Sarah? No. Lucy? That doesn’t sound right either.

Oh heck. You resort to calling her ‘you’ and stumble through the awkward impromptu conversation with as much vague small talk as possible. Because the truth is that not only are you unable to recall her name … you can’t remember her either.

Ever experienced this? Yep, us too.

But here’s the thing, this amnesia isn’t limited to just people … it extends to businesses and brands too.

Why your brand needs a personality

Did you know that every month around 543,000 new businesses are launched around the world? In Singapore alone there are 216,900 businesses.

That’s a lot of businesses making a lot of noise.

Which begs the question: How on earth do you get your target audience to pay attention to your business?

Here at Delilah Creative, we are big believers in branding as a tool (if not THE tool) for attracting and converting your dream customers.

And a vital element of unforgettable branding is a distinct brand personality.

Think about some of your most beloved brands. What is it about them that you love?

Our guess is that at least one of the elements you’re enamoured with is their brand personality.

A distinct brand personality gives your business presence. And it makes your brand unforgettable.

Ready to sign on the dotted line and give your brand a personality that brings your business to life? Let’s do it.

How to cultivate your brand personality

At Delilah Creative, we believe that a distinct and compelling brand personality comes from the tone of voice you use when interacting with your customers.

To cultivate this tone of voice, we have a simple strategy you can borrow:

Step 1. Think of your brand as a character or a person.

Then consider how, as this character or person, your business would speak to his or her customers.

Would she be warm and friendly? Polite and professional? Cheeky and playful?

Next, flesh out her persona. How would she dress? What would she look like (i.e. your brand colours, and typography)? What are her values?

Really delve in deep and create a realistic, believable character that your customers can relate to.

Step 2. Infuse your character with customer insights.

So, what are you hoping to achieve with your character? Well, your goal is to create a brand personality that instantly connects with your target customers.

You want to understand and speak to your customers so intuitively that it’s almost like you’re reading their mind. You even want them nod along they’re looking at your website, social media or other materials and think to themselves: “Yes! They get me!”

Need an example to get you started?

For the Delilah brand, we take the “tech-speak” out of building your perfect website. We’re stocked up with all of the expertise you need to make your website a success, but our communication style is down-to-earth and relatable. We believe in the ‘show don't tell’ school of philosophy and we want our clients to feel like they understand exactly what’s happening and why.

Step 3. Delight your customers at every turn.

When was the last time you reviewed your customer experience and customer journey?

If it’s been a while, we recommend taking time out to do so.

One thing we have learned at Delilah Creative is that how you deliver your offering is often just as important as what you deliver. It’s the ‘how’ part that your customers often look back on the most fondly.

Which is why, it’s really important to us that our clients feel really special as we’re working with them.

We work hard to get all the elements of our brand aligned, consistent and unique throughout each step of the process. This way, it’s not like our website is super fun but then our on-boarding process then becomes boring and lame … we delight our clients at every step of their journey.

We also make sure that all our emails (even from different team members) have the same brand voice and tone, so that even if you’re actually speaking with a different team member, you’ll still feel like it’s the Delilah brand.

It’s the little things, but they truly do matter.

Step 4. Don’t be afraid to target a very specific customer.

We know it feels counter-intuitive to narrow down your target market, but by tailoring your brand personality to appeal to a specific audience you’ll cultivate a brand that is persuasive and compelling to the right people.

Whenever we meet clients who have too broad an audience in mind, we encourage them to really hone in on who exactly their specific target is. Because once you attract that specific type of person, you’re probably also going to bring a wider audience along with you.

And there you have it – four ways to cultivate a distinct brand personality. Follow these steps and we have no doubt that your dream customers will be talking about you as if you were their brand best friend.

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