How to create the perfect Pinterest mood board for your web redesign project

Ready to hit the ground running with your web redesign? It’s time to master the art of the brand mood board!

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At Delilah Creative, we’re all about blending beauty with strategy so our clients can benefit from a brand that’s like the perfect matcha latte: delicious AND powerful!

Which is why we invest time in the early stages of our web design projects in gathering the right information from our clients.

Sure, it’s about our signature Typeform questionnaire (that deep dives into the nitty gritty’s of your business) but it’s also about visual inspiration too.

Enter the Pinterest mood board

As one of the most beloved stages of our design process (after all, who doesn’t like browsing through Pinterest for ‘work’!), the mood board allows us to hone in on your unique style.

“So, how does it work? Do you just type ‘web design inspo’ into Pinterest’s search bar and hope for the best?” You ask.

C’mon guys. You know us better than that. There’s a strategy and a science to the perfect Pinterest mood board!

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Pin logos, colours and typography as well as website layouts (at least five of each). Why not go for jugular and cut out the design middlemen by just pinning web layouts? Well, we’ve found that people find it hard sometimes to pinpoint (pun unintended) WHAT they like about a certain site, but if we get them to break down into some of the bricks, it becomes easier to identify the elements that resonate with them.

  • Search within and outside your industry for inspiration. Start with inside first; it’s good to see whether your industry has design conventions that you can choose to embrace or break (strategically). And then look outside, because different industries might have cool design elements you’d never have considered before. This will help you visualise what your final website might look like.

  • Carefully consider imagery and its effect. Often when we dig into what clients have loved about a particular site, they have actually adored a particular image that is on the site, and that might not necessarily apply to their business.

  • Check out the bones. We encourage clients to look at the “bones” of a website layout. So header styling, menu formatting, footer and also elements like how text is applied on a slideshow, or a particularly clever way of including icons to represent services.

  • Go wild, and then edit. Pin as much as you want! Pin everything you like! Then sit down and do a tight edit to reduce to five of each type, ideally looking for consistency in what you like. For example with colour schemes, if you have eight that have soft cool blues and purples, and three with sunset oranges and reds, make a decision about which to eliminate. Your brand can’t be everything (and you wouldn't want it to be)!

Then, when you’re done, leave it to ‘settle’ overnight. If you still love it in the morning, it’s time to share it with your web designer.

Speaking of which, if you’re looking for somebody to help out with your web redesign, we’d love to partner with you to create the website of your dreams. Strategic, authentic and beautiful, our website design services will help your biz kick ass.

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