Squarespace Font Combinations - Top 5 Best Handwritten Fonts

HandwrittenFont Combinations.png

We absolutely love the look of using handwritten fonts on websites, but there's definitely an art to it! We recommend using handwritten fonts only as your H2 or H3 (those are sub-headings for those of you who aren't super-familiar with Squarespace yet!) rather than for your main headings, and never, ever as body copy. You should also make sure that the handwritten font you have chosen is legible at small sizes, such as on the mobile version of your site, and if in doubt, best to steer clear! 

We've put together a handy cheatsheet to fill you in on some of our favourite free handwritten font pairings available in Squarespace. These pass the legibility test, and have an elevated, design-led feel. Used with restraint, they'll add both warmth and sophistication to your site design!

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