DIY web design or hiring a pro: Which is better for your biz?

Eyeing up your laptop like, “Surely it can’t be that hard to DIY my web design?”

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Whoa, there. Hold your design-minded horses, cowgirl. We love your enthusiasm, but before you go and get intimate with Wordpress or Squarespace, allow us to play devil’s advocate for a moment.

Let’s say you decide to DIY your web design.

Because you’re clever, a total go-getter and know your way around a computer.

After you pour yourself a glass of celebratory wine, you …

  • Spend four hours (at least) asking yourself ‘what does this button do’ as you familiarise yourself with the web design platform you’re working with.

  • Pour another glass of wine because whoa, that was harder than you thought it would be.

  • Spend the next day trawling through Pinterest for design inspiration.

  • Realise that design inspiration only matters if it relates to the theme you’re planning to use.

  • Spend another few hours choosing a theme for your website.

  • Wonder if 2pm is too early to give that bottle of wine some more love.

  • Painstakingly follow the worse-than-Ikea installation instructions for your theme.

  • Turn off your phone because you’re busy being a creative genius.

  • Start browsing through stock photos. Or should you have a custom shoot done?

  • Devote a week to getting your website sorted.

  • At the end of a month, you still have Latin placeholders, empty pages, ‘meh’ stock photos and a website that looks nothing like the theme demo.

All up, it’s definitely cost you less than it would have if you hired a web designer.

But then again, you don't have a website you love yet … Oh, and were those grey hairs always there?


Now let’s imagine …

You hire a web designer.

Like, we don’t know, somebody you can trust. Somebody like us, for example. Wink, wink.

We spend some time getting to know your business and your goals and then we come up with a digital strategy (yep, STRATEGY!) for your business.

In one to two weeks you have a beautiful, mobile-friendly and fully-responsive website that showcases your brilliance (and totally wins over your target market).

All while you’ve gone on holidays. Or binge-watched your favourite TV series. Or anything, really, because we’ve saved you an abundance of time, effort and grey hairs!

The verdict: Pro website design for the win

You can definitely DIY to test out a concept, but you have to ask yourself two questions before doing this:

  • How much is your time worth? It might take you five times the number of hours that it would take an expert.

  • Do you want a professional looking result? DIY design often looks, well, DIY. While professional design looks … we’ll let you fill in the blank.

We know it’s a bigger investment up-front, but professional web design truly is an investment in the future of your business.

Still convinced DIY is the way to go?

If you are going to DIY your web design, make sure that you prepare ALL of your content beforehand.

This means having a draft of the text for all of your pages, as well as a selection of high quality, high-resolution images, and a map or sketch of how you are going to lay out each page.

It will make your job so much easier, we promise. And snapping up one of our gorgeously designed Squarespace website templates will be EVEN easier (especially if you let us install it for you!).

And if you’re ready to go pro … we’d love to connect with you!

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