Behind the scenes: How we create logos that are beautiful and strategic

Peeked at our portfolio and found yourself wondering how on earth we come up with our client’s logo concepts?

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At Delilah Creative, we pride ourselves on crafting visual branding that is beautiful, kick ass AND designed to appeal to your target market.

And even though the end result might look effortless, it’s actually the equivalent of a visual PhD on – and for – your business.

In short: A LOT of thought goes into it.

Yep, there’s a method to this creative madness of ours!

So … want an exclusive look behind the scenes? Let us walk you through our typical design process.

Step 1. The Creative Consultation

An adventure with Delilah Creative begins with an intensive information-gathering process designed to get us up to speed with you, your business, your target audience and your goals.

At its heart, this process starts with a creative consultation (ideally face-to-face or on a Skype call) with our client.

During this consultation, we guide you through a series of questions that will reveal your dreams and goals for your business.

We need to make sure we’re thinking ahead about where you’re at, where you’re going, where you want to be, and how you wish to be perceived.

This information is invaluable as it helps us craft a visual strategy for communicating your vision with your audience.

Step 2. The Typeform Questionnaire & Pinterest Board

Our information-gathering process continues with our signature Typeform questionnaire. 

Crafted to hone in on your business’ unique selling points and value proposition, this questionnaire supports your Creative Consultation and acts as secondary guidance for your visual strategy.

During this stage, we also ask you to create a Pinterest board for us (fun, huh?). The Pinterest board is a crucial visual guide, as everyone has a different understanding of what words like “modern” mean.

It’s here that we really get a sense of your personal taste and the kind of branding you are attracted to.

We incorporate this knowledge into your visual strategy so that you end up with a brand that you’re not only proud to show off, but that you have a personal connection with as well.

Step 3. We unleash our creative team

Now the real fun begins for us. Using the valuable information we collected in the previous two stages, we let our creative team – including a graphic designer and brand specialist – flex their artistic muscles.

This looks a little like a modern Renaissance artist at work with creative chaos, beauty and strategy blending as one.

But it’s not just about the looks.

(And this is one of the reasons why our visual branding packages are so sought after.)

We design for function as well as beauty, considering legibility at a small size, how we can adapt the logo for web use, and how you will use your logo for social. Yep, our packages always include a social logo!

Step 4. Trend-free zone

While designing your visual branding, we try not to be too trend-led.

Like fashion, you tend to see a lot of the same themes in logo design, and it’s only natural that clients will be influenced by these trends.

But it’s important for your logo to be as individual as you are! Which is why your visual branding will be less trendy and more timeless, so you can love your logo for years to come.

Step 5. We keep it tight

We’re allergic to fluff and fillers, which is why we only provide a set – limited – number of options with a few rounds of revisions.

This keeps our clients on point with their choices. The truth is that more rounds of revisions doesn’t mean you get a more perfect result, it often means that you meandered your way to the same destination.

We value your time – and ours – which is why our processes focus on results and efficiency.

And voila – your five-step insight into how we craft logos that are beautiful AND strategic!

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