Bass Jewellery: Branding & Shopify E-Commerce Store

We were excited to work with Kirsti from Bass Jewellery, as being big jewellery lovers at Delilah, we love her products! Bass Jewellery is known for their super-delicate, affordable minimal jewellery pieces, that are perfect for layering. However her existing branding wasn’t allowing her products to shine, and she felt like she was blending into the crowd too much. Kirsti knew that she wanted to start out working on her branding, but in the end, she was so pleased with how her branding turned out, that we also ended up working on giving Bass Jewellery’s existing Shopify site a full makeover!

Kirsti wanted her logo to be as delicate and minimalistic as the style of her jewellery, and knew that she wanted a colour palette than incorporated some metallic shades.


We used a soft rose pink, a warm black, and a sophisticated dark gold colour, and gave her some different versions of her logo that could appear both with and without the holding shape around it, which was formed from interlocking hexagons for packaging and social media. We also developed a brand pattern that could be used on tissue paper, providing a unique touchpoint for her customers.

When we moved to the Shopify store design, it was such a pleasure to apply the beautiful brand identity to website format, and because we had collaborated so well on the branding, it was an extremely smooth process and one of the reasons it’s so wonderful when we get to work with a client from beginning to end on a project encompassing all the visual facets of their brand!

Bass - Pinterest-01.jpg