Bespoke Branding and Site Launch - Aamena Ahmad

Aamena Ahmad is a Singapore-based health and wellness expert who came to Delilah looking to make an impact in a crowded marketplace. Aamena takes a "let's start here" approach to her clients, who are often looking to get back into shape or take their first steps towards fitness, and so it was very important to her that her brand felt approachable and friendly. We worked with Aamena's favourite shade of cool, fresh blue, and worked in water-colour inspired graphics and patterns. 


We then had the fun of taking the beautiful visual branding and designing a highly customised Squarespace website for Aamena, using all the elements we had created as well as the beautiful photography that LittleOnes Photography had taken for the Aamena. The website has a very simple layout, but a lot of custom CSS tweaks to incorporate colour, photography and plenty of negative space. 


Check out the live site here: Aamena Ahmad

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