Why, why, why, Delilah Creative?

Since we launched last week (yay!), the one question we have received more than any other is, "Why did you pick Delilah for the name?". Well, we decided to list the reasons here, to save ourselves from having to type the whole thing again in another email!

  1. The biblical Delilah (one of history's first spies) was kind of a bad-ass; a cunning femme fatale who brought down the cute but dumb Samson. We think she was probably just misunderstood...
  2. The Plain White T's song struck a chord (groan) with us at a particular time of life and made Delilah a romantic-seeming name about long distance relationships and hoping for a better life .
  3. Our founder, Hester, nearly named her first daughter Delilah, until she was strongly vetoed by nearly everyone she told. So a child doesn't have to be scarred with the name, but a business can't complain... Evil laugh.
  4. Delilah sounds like "delight" and "design"; two key pillars of a successful creative agency.
  5. Delilah ends with "lah", so it's perfect for our tropical home in Singapore where "OK lah!" means, well, a whole lot of stuff for one tiny word.

And no, our name has absolutely nothing to do with Tom Jones!