How to make your branding project a success

How to make your branding project a success

So you’re ready to delve in to creating a brand identity and logo for your startup or venture. How can you set yourself up for a successful outcome? Tt probably won’t surprise you to hear that as with most things in life, you get out what you put in in terms of effort and thoughtfulness. It is possible to get a super-cool and connected outcome just through a simple in-person or Skype consultation with a designer, but you’ll be far more likely to be thrilled with the result if you take some of the following steps (and even better – they’re easy and fun too!).

Browse Pinterest
Yes, the world does seem to divide into people who are “Pinterest People” (and yes, a lot of us are girls but guys can use it too!) and those who are turned off by the platform, but when it comes to gathering visual inspiration online, Pinterest can’t be beat. Use the search function to browse logo designs, check out the Design category, follow some brands you love, or competitors to check out what they’re up to, and create a private Pinterest with all the cool stuff you find. You can then share that with your designer so they can get a sense for what is floating your boat. Remember, you even have to get specific – if what inspires you is a texture, pattern, font or photo, pin away.

Think about your brand’s unique personality
What is going to be special about your company or endeavour? What sets you apart from the rest? Try to get a sense for what your brand is going to stand for – write a mission statement, jot down some of your core values and check out this post about The Questions to Ask Yourself about your Branding as a Startup to get some more inspiration [LINK TO POST].

Be a magpie
You might have items in your home which inspire you, postcards, books or ornaments. Show and tell! Designers will never think that you’re dorky for bringing along a child’s toy to a branding consult. Keep an eye out as you’re walking around town, or in your daily life. Snap photos, pick up flyers, screenshot that Instagram post… The more visual resources you can share with us, the better.

Tell us a story
If your business has a unique story behind its creation, please tell us about it. We want to know more about YOU (yes, we’re nosy!) and the personal connection to your company. That goes whether you have one founder, or three with interwoven narratives. You never know what will be the spark which lights the flame of an awesome brand identity, and stories are like fuel for creativity.

Be open-minded
You might have quite a clear idea of what you want in terms of branding, and that’s always a great help as we can narrow down the options more quickly, but make sure when you’re thinking about your branding to stay open. The idea which might end up being the best for your business might not be the one you jotted down on the back of an envelope, or it might! See, we’re open-minded too!

If you’d like more help to get ready for a branding process, or feel like you’re a bit lost with all this talk of creativity and inspiration, wing us an email and we’d love to have a chat at