Creating a brand identity that appeals to Women

As a brand, you have to find your niche and place in the market. Appealing to everyone, all the time, is basically impossible (unless you're Apple). At Delilah, we work with lots of different kinds of clients across industries: education, technology, healthcare, retail, beauty and much more. What all of our clients have in common though, is that their brand is targeting women.

Helping brands create identities and websites that appeal to female consumers is kind of our sweet spot.


I’m glad you asked.

Firstly, it probably goes without saying that I’m a woman myself, and my whole professional career has been spent working on brands for women. From a couple of very ill-advised and thankfully brief months working as a wedding planner, to joining a design agency where I worked on brands such as Pampers and Olay. Then I went on to co-found Sassy Media Group, where our websites Sassy and Sassy Mama have an audience of more than 1.3 million women across Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Manila.

When I started Delilah, I knew that my mission would be to help brands to create meaningful connections to female consumers through beautiful design and thoughtful visual messaging. Women are incredibly powerful and complicated as consumers, often holding the spending power for their entire family in their hands. They are savvy and discerning, and care about the values that a brand stands for, as well as how effective the product or service they are buying into is.

So how can you plan to win over your female target market and win the hearts, minds (and yes, we'll say it - dollars) of your audience?

Listen to what your audience wants. Go out and speak to your target consumer again, and again, and again. Show them your product. Ask them if they would use it, and more importantly, buy it. Never assume that you automatically understand their problems or behaviours, even if you are a woman yourself. 

Women are not a homogenous group who can be won around with a pink and lilac colour scheme and a bit of flowery script.  

Make your brand beautiful, but don’t (necessarily) think pink.

Appeal on logic and facts, but try to win on emotional connection. And that doesn’t mean pictures of kittens. Connecting emotionally with your audience means firstly understanding their needs, wants and aspirations, and secondly, demonstrating that understanding to them.

Look outside of your category for inspiration on how other brands are connecting and winning with their female audience. Look at their tone, their insights and their visuals, and try to understand their strategy. Look beyond their visuals. Psst... Check out what Adidas are doing at the moment with their campaign strategies in the US - inspiring stuff!

Understand how your product or service would fit into your target customer’s daily life. How does she interact with other brands throughout her day? How much attention or time does she have to make decisions, or seek out new options? How can you cut through the clutter and noise of her busy life to create a meaningful connection?

Stand for something. Women consumers care about your brand’s values, and will hold you to them. If we love your brand, we will be your best advocate and share our enthusiasm, becoming your best marketing tool. If you let us down, we will also share our disappointment.

If you need help with branding or web design for your female-focused business, we’d love to connect with you to. You can email me to say hello at