Strategy Session: Branding, Social & Website

Strategy Session: Branding, Social & Website


A one-on-one 60-min Strategy Session including a live brand audit across your business’s Branding + Social Media + Website. We’ll cover:

  • How to ensure your brand’s positioning is aligned with your target market and business goals

  • A review of the consistency of application of your visual branding across your website and social media with clear action steps

  • A website audit to review overall look and feel, navigational structure, information contained, user experience and sales conversion journey

  • We’ll walk you through your Google Analytics to look at your top-level stats for views, bounce rate and content flow and identify strengths and weaknesses

  • We’ll provide you with an email recap of easy-to-action improvements you can make to your website and social media to help you increase conversions and make more money

  • Our strategy sessions are redeemable for 50% credit towards any template purchase in our Shop or 100% credit towards a Custom Branding or Web Design Package

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