We create beautiful digital experiences that help brands grow faster. 

We have noticed that many of our 300+ clients face the same set of problems - but they tend to look for solutions at all the wrong places. 

Website not optimized? Let's hire a team in a third world country to take care of it on the cheap. (Very risky!)

Branding not aligned? Let's hire a fresh-faced designer who can hack together a logo and colour scheme in an afternoon. (Not a great idea!)

Social media presence required? Let's hire a 19-year old intern to throw some hashtags around and get done with it. (Definitely not a good idea!)

The result? Your brand experience looks inconsistent, cheap and unprofessional to your customers.

So, we figured, what if we could make it easy for our clients to create a digital strategy + web presence that drives real results - while minimizing the time, money and effort they need to make it happen? That's exactly what we do at Delilah. 

We are Delilah...

At Delilah, we don't look at your business as a collection of disjointed parts. We create a compelling digital strategy that unifies your major touch-points - so that you can present a consistent brand experience for your customers. 

Our Values


The People Behind the Magic



Founder and Creative Director

Before Delilah, Hester co-founded Sassy Media Group, which comprises the much-loved Sassy and Sassy Mama brands which have made a huge splash in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. As an entrepreneur, she’s familiar with the pain points involved in bringing businesses to market, and as a savvy digital marketer she knows how to build brands which make a deep and meaningful connection with their audience. Before Sassy, Hester worked for international branding agency, LPK, in Switzerland and Hong Kong, working on brands such as Pampers, Olay and Pringles. Through Delilah, Hester hopes to be of true service to fellow entrepreneurs whose businesses are ready to be transformed with great design.



Project Manager

Kate has spent most of her adult life running the lives of surgeons and bankers - some would say herding cats would be an easier task! She is used to juggling schedules with spreadsheets and contracts with correspondence. As the project manager of our team, Kate will guide you through the design process and ensure you stay connected, up to date and on the same page. All your scheduling headaches - gone! Happy days.



Social Media Boss

Singapore born-and-raised, Faz Gaffa-Marsh spends too much time fiddling with Snapchat filters, mastering Instagram hashtags and whipping up pun-filled punch lines in 140 characters or less. She has over ten years of writing and editing experience in her back pocket with bylines all over the world, including Refinery29, Buzzfeed and Allure. Faz has also ventured into the social and digital space having worked with brands like OPI, Sephora and BeautyCon, and on projects like Ipsy’s Generation Beauty and New York Fashion Week. 



Brand Designer

Claire is our typography loving, Instagram-addicted, indoor plant killing Graphic Designer. With many years spent on the 'client side' in Brand Management for some of the world's favourite brands, including KitKat, her creative passions eventually brought her into the world of design. Here she is like a pig in mud, bringing new brands to life everyday. Claire's killer advantage? She melds the experience of a seasoned marketer and the skilled eye of a designer in one lovely package.



Project Manager

Natasha has more than 10 years of Account Management experience , most recently, in the social and SaaS industries. She has a penchant for making sure timelines are met, and clients are kept happy. Having worked with major brands like Mondelez, MasterCard and Singapore Airlines, she wants to bring the same level of professionalism to each and every client she meets (between you and me she has a soft spot for mom & pop businesses!). If she's not busy chasing you for your approvals, Natasha can be found in bed with her Kindle or planning her next trip to her favourite cities.



Senior Branding Expert

For the past 5+ years Paul & John have leveraged their individual expertise while running their own design agency. Now, partnering with Delilah they use their combined 40+ years of branding experience to create memorable brands for some of the most innovative new businesses.

Florida-based Paul has been creating sticky brands for 20+ years - working with leading agencies like LPK and globe-trotting to Frankfurt, Geneva and  London (for work). When he’s not busy creating killer brands, you can find Paul discovering pathways for unmet consumer needs, looking for visual inspiration and learning how to surf.



Senior Branding Expert

John is our resident creative genius - he lives, breathes and even eats design inspiration everyday, so he’s just the guy we want on our team. Cultivated over many moons, he deeply understands the branding and design needs of small businesses who are ready to make a splash in the world. If he’s not traveling The States with his wife and 3 girls you're likely to find him honing his skills on the golf course.


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